Impact investing

Inversión de impacto

Impact investing entails direct investments in companies, institutions, or funds that are made with the intent to generate positive social or environmental impacts while generating financial profitability.

What unites those who work in the impact investing industry is the shared belief that creative investments can play a crucial role in solving societal and environmental challenges. This philosophy has helped promote the emergence of a new industry that operates at the axis of philanthropy and traditional investing.

Although still an emerging industry in Chile, impact investments account for more than $228 billion in assets worldwide, according to findings in the 2018 GIIN report.

The impact investing industry possesses the potential to direct large sums of money in order to address the most pressing challenges in the world while offering a sustainable social business model.

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“What 10 years ago was unthinkable is a reality in Chile today. There are 5 fund managers that have declared to manage impact funds in excess of US$60 million.”

María José Montero, Partner at FIS Ameris.