Project Portfolio

FIS 2.0


B Corp focused on waste recycling and consultancy with operations in Brazil and Chile. Sells and operates clean points working with base recyclers, and provides applied circular economy consulting services to corporate clients. FIS 2.o co-invested with the Colombian fund FCP to expand operations to Colombia and Peru, and support growth in the areas of advisory in circular economy and digital certificates.


Microfinance company that promotes social development through comprehensive services for entrepreneurs in vulnerable sectors that include access to micro-credits, training and networking. The company has 15 years of experience and 56 offices across 248 communities in Chile, from Arica to Chiloé.


Health R&D&i company that develops products for people with mobility disabilities. The company seeks to promote and improve equal opportunity employment and improve the quality of life of its clients with high quality products and affordable pricing. They have developed different products, including Get Up, a standing chair that allows people to stand up and Activate, an ultra light wheelchair.


Ciudad Luz provides solar energy services, transforming it into an accessible and competitive source for self-consumption for homes, communities and businesses. Under the Net Billing law, they are changing the way energy is generated and used.


Crowdlending investment platform to link organizations that require financing, with investors who expect to obtain a financial return while wishing to finance the solution of social or environmental problems. Three key areas of the economy are financed: Education and Culture, Development and Social Inclusion and Environment.


Organization focused on contributing to the self-sustainable economic and social development of the most vulnerable microentrepreneurs in Chile through the management of quality productive microfinance. With more than 30 years in the micro financial market in Chile, this entity was the pioneer in individual credit to vulnerable microentrepreneurs.


OGR was born with the purpose of reducing the educational, social and economic gap in Chile. Its first product was Puntaje Nacional, an educational platform that seeks to provide free help to students who wish to prepare for university’s entrance exam, offering material and curriculum for students. It also provides teachers with study material to enhance the learning of their students.



Company owner of a carpooling App that seeks to connect drivers with passengers to share recurrent trips within cities. It intends to reduce congestion and pollution in big cities, in addition to generating savings both in time and money for its users.



Altech, through its accounting platform Contable, seeks to optimize the time and budget of micro entrepreneurs, solving their tax obligations and training them weekly on administrative, financial and tax issues. Contable is 100% online, easy to use and access. It works through WhatsApp and provides a cost savings on these services of up to 50%.



Guide application for people with visual disabilities that seeks to provide guidance and autonomy. Through voice messages it allows to know the current location and that of nearby services. It also allows you to search for specific destinations and get directions on how to reach them through different types of transportation.




Company that offers learning resources and educational consultancy to municipalities and subsidized educational establishments. After 14 months of FIS investment, Promoeduc reached economic self-sustainability, positively impacting the education of 6,874 students from the base of the socio-economic pyramid



A pioneering B Corp in Latin America that seeks to expand and improve access to higher education by investing in human capital. FIS’ investment is financing the studies of 196 technical career students from the base of the socio-economic pyramid.


An organization with more than 117 years of serving at risk children in Chile. The semi-private school, Luis Garcia de la Heurta in the town of Codao, is a member of this organization and is supported in part by investments made by FIS. The investments enabled the expansion of the school’s infrastructure in order to provide access to full day schooling to 428 1st to 8th grade students annually.



An NGO that seeks to improve the lives of thousands of people living in extreme poverty through the joint action of its residents and volunteers. FIS’ investment was directed at improving housing and contributed to the construction of approximately 750 quality social housing units in a period of 8 years.


Center for Integrated Adult Education in Cañete that contributes to the integral development of its students and their families by offering education without entry requirements. FIS’ investment made possible the construction of a new 1,200m2 establishment that allowed enrollment to increase from 255 to 500 students from the base of the socio-economic pyramid.


A B Corp. that seeks to transform the consumption of products into a charitable mission by donating 100% of its profits to nationally recognized organizations and institutions. These charitable contributions allow organizations to carry out improvement projects that support the most vulnerable people in Chile. FIS’ investment was directed at the development of water dispenser company Late!


An electronic waste recycling company located in Chillán which provides comprehensive management services in the recycling of unused electric and electronic equipment. FIS’ investment financed the automation of the recycling plant, more than doubling its processing and treatment capacity to 600 tons per year.