About us

FIS Ameris is the Chile-focused impact investing arm of fund manager Ameris Capital whose purpose is to develop effective financial instruments with triple outcomes – economic, social and environmental – to allow the consolidation of the impact investment industry and solve society’s challenges of our time.

The first impact investing fund in Chile, the “FIS” fund, invested in 7 projects between 2010 and 2016 that have generated quantifiable socio-environmental impact and financial profitability. Following strong results for FIS, the “FIS 2.0” fund was launched in June 2017.

Operationally supported by Corfo -a Chilean Government Agency- FIS 2.0 plans to invest in 10 socio-environmental companies. Also plans to support startups that are in early stage development via the funds’ “pre-investment” philosophy, in order to effectively manage the pipeline of potential impact projects.

As of December 2020 FIS Ameris projects have benefited more than 642,800 citizens from the base of the socio-economic pyramid in Chile, over 22,100 tons of waste have been recovered and in total there are more than 1,700 jobs contributed by the portfolio institutions.



    • Launch of the fund: 2010
    • Capital raised: US$4.5 million
    • Investment period: 2010 to 2016
    • Investment projects: 7
    • Exits: 6
    • Fund closing: September 2020
    • Lessons Learned (in Spanish): download

 FIS 2.0 

      • Launch of the fund: 2017
      • Capital raised: US$9.5 million
      • Investment period 2017 to 2022
      • Investment projects: 10
      • Pre-investment projects: 6
      • Exits: 1
      • Fund closing: June 2027