Impact assessment

When analyzing and monitoring FIS Ameris investments, impact generation is as relevant as financial performance. Social and environmental variables are reviewed in depth in due diligence and are reported periodically along with the performance of the fund.

During the management and monitoring of investments, the FIS Ameris team develops internal evaluations of socio-environmental results, in addition to an external evaluation.

The internal evaluation criteria applied to the projects include: definition of impact indicators based on the expected results of their theory of change and taking as a reference the repository of IRIS+ indicators, SDG targets, a transversal view of the institution’s gender approach based on IDB Invest recommendations -although the gender approach is not an objective in itself for FIS Ameris- and including ESG practices (environmental, social and governance) in its management.

The external evaluation seeks that a credible third party validates the socio-environmental results of the FIS Ameris investment portfolio, in a rigorous and transparent way. The third validator applies their own impact evaluation model to the projects and then delivers an opinion.

Since the beginning of FIS Ameris, an external evaluation was carried out with the US company GIIRS, the most widely used among impact investment funds.

At the end of 2019, after GIIRS closed its operation with impact investment funds, the company Sistema B, a subsidiary of the American B Lab, was hired as a new validator, which assesses the social and environmental results of companies operating in markets. developed and emerging around the world.

Learn more about the impact rating reports of our funds made by external evaluators: