Investment Criteria

Eligible projects for the FIS 2.0 Fund are those that address social challenges at the base of the socio-economic pyramid through improvement of goods and services that generate a positive impact on the ability of at risk citizens to accumulate wealth, increase their income, and improve their quality of life.

These companies and social institutions may vary from non-profit organizations seeking to effectively scale their operations and achieve financial sustainability, to for-profit entities whose main focus is to generate social impact via goods and services.

Organizations meeting all the necessary requirements 1 through 8 would be eligible for investments of US$500k or more.

If a company or social institution meets all the necessary requirements, but does not have audited financial statements, or requires improving its social and / or legal management, it would be eligible for pre-investment, a period in which it must meet additional requirements to access the investment stage.

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  1. Profitable business model (current or anticipated).
  2. Addresses a problem at the base of the socio-economic pyramid. The organization must demonstrate a commitment to generating positive social and/or environmental impact..
  3. Team must demonstrate excellence and 100% dedication.
  4. Company or Organization must be legally established in Chile.
  5. At minimum, 2 years of sales.
  6. At minimum, audited financial statements for the most recent 1 year of operations.
  7. “Theory of Change” and socio-environmental result indicators.
  8. Investment proposal and need of at least US$500k. Development of a financial model and legal investment structure.